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About EVA

«Eva» was the first Jewish Charitable Organization in the Soviet Union. It was created in 1989 by a small group of determined Jews, led by Polina Mendelvich.

«Eva» works in two main areas:

  • Humanitarian assistance for the needy
  • Cultural programming

«Eva» serves as a charitable and cultural center for Jewish life in St. Petersburg. «Eva» has its own building, provided by the city government. On these premises are located:

  •  Free charitable glatt kosher cafeteria
  •  Office of the Jewish Society of former concentration camp and ghetto prisoners
  •  The first Holocaust museum in the city
  •  Library of Jewish books and periodicals
  •  Clubroom

pensioner's club

Today «Eva» provides charitable assistance and cultural programs to over 8,000 needy residents of St. Petersburgand the surrounding region. The diverse programs include home care for the elderly and disabled, delicious kosher lunches, medical consultation and many others. All programs at EVA use volunteer resources.

One main goal for «EVA» is to seek out those who are lonely and provide them with a sense of community. «Eva» provides many social programs for those who are alone and unable to travel such as day trips, concerts, lectures and classes and rides to and from the center.

At «Eva» we welcome people of all ages. From programs for children, youth and teen studios, family functions, social evenings for adults and cultural programming for seniors, everyone can find something that speaks specifically to their interests.

children's programs

Raising Jewish children in the spirit of Jewish values and tradition is very important at «Eva». Children begin Sunday school at age 5, where they work in several creative studios, study Hebrew and English and learn about Jewish culture.

The children choir and children musical theater have both received top prizes at Jewish international culture and arts festivals.

The pride of the Jewish community of St. Petersburg is in the success of the creative studios at «Eva», which have participated in several performances throughout the city as well as international festivals. They have received top prizes in competitions not only in St. Petersburg, but also in cities throughout Russia and neighboring countries.

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